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List of Services

FiRST provides services to departments that may not have in house expertise or a large enough volume to employ a fulltime FTE.  FiRST also assists departments in need of financial assistance in the form of account clean-up and restructuring.

Below is a list of services FiRST provides.  Click on each item below for more details about each service.

FBO FiRST provides accounting assistance to assigned departments.  Accounting services include:

  • Budget, Grant and Award accounting
  • Financial Planning and Award Proposal Budget Development
  • Salary Distribution and Budget Management
  • Serves as a resource to the department for accounting questions and issues
FBO FiRST provides budgeting assistance to assigned departments.  Budgeting services include:

  • Management of accounting, budget, and reporting for the department
  • Comprehensive financial planning and budgeting processes
  • Reporting
  • All funds budgeting
  • Business / Research / Service Contracts
FBO FiRST provides financial processing assistance to assigned departments.  Processing services include:

  • Managing invoice collections and follow-ups with vendors
  • Process department invoices and coordinate deposits with UNC Accounting Services
  • Assistance with ordering supplies
  • Administration of forms and submission for Travel reimbursements
FBO FiRST provides reconciliation assistance to assigned departments.  Reconciling services include:

  • Reconciliation of P-cards for the department
  • Reconciliation participant incentive cards on trials
FBO FiRST provides research assistance to departments.  Research services include:

  • Account management and compliance with government accounting methods, procedures and accounting practices
  • Assists the department with grant administration and management
  • Pre-award grant and clinical trial submissions
  • Post-award grant and clinical trial management
  • FiRST acts as the lead on clinical trial budget negotiations and monitoring of awarded clinical trials for the owning department.

Click on one of the below links to submit a request.  After your request has been submitted, a team member will reach out to you shortly to further discuss your submission.

Pre-award Research Submission

FiRST Proposal Submission Policy

RASR Pre-Award Submission User Guide

Pre-award Industry Clinical Trial Submission


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