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Family share son's cancer journey
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The mission of the Alicia Rose Victorious Foundation is to provide strength and support for hospitalized teens. This program will enhance the quality of life for adolescents with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. In honor of one of Alicia’s friend, Robin, the Alicia Rose Victorious Foundation has generously offered to support the UNC Adolescent and Pediatric Fertility Program through a donation of $16,500. This donation is dedicated to fertility preservation for families that may not be able to financially support storage of collected specimen. Robin wanted to undergo fertility preservation, but ultimately lost her battle to cancer. To continue her legacy, Alicia Rose Victorious hopes to provide fertility preservation opportunities to others through the North Carolina Children’s Hospital. To date, the Alicia Rose Victorious has covered over $2000 in expenses to help families ensure their children have the opportunity for future fertility.