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The UNC Vector Core offers an extensive inventory of premade AAV vectors available in multiple serotypes. In addition to reporter genes GFP, luciferase and lacZ, we are pleased to stock constructs from Dr. Karl Deisseroth (Stanford University), Dr. Ed Boyden (MIT), Dr. Ian Wichersham (MIT), Dr. Naoshige Uchida (Harvard University) and Dr. Nirao Shah (University of California at San Francisco). Please see individual links at left for a complete list of available constructs. All in stock viruses are provided in 100ul aliquots. Titer range from 1-8×10^12vg/ml. All AAV are quantitated by qPCR and SDS page gel (silver stain).

In Stock AAV Price per 100ul

  • External Academic: $220
  • UNC Investigator: $150
  • Corporate: $340

If you need a quote, please contact