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Kaitlin Cruz, a senior in the Division of Clinical Laboratory Science, has received a scholarship from the Alpha Mu Tau Fraternity. The fraternity supports undergraduates and laboratory science professionals through the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science.

Cruz said she decided to major in clinical laboratory science because she liked the program’s focus on hands-on experience and the opportunity to get real-world exposure to a field with clinical rotations during her senior year. “Biology has always been one of my favorite subjects, especially as it applies to medicine and finding out how the human body works,” she said.

During her senior year, Cruz said she hopes to get insight into the health care system, including learning what’s involved in the diagnostic testing process and how people in that role work with other health care professionals.

Cruz said she learned she had received the scholarship during her summer job teaching middle school students at a lab with Johns Hopkins University. “I had to contain my reaction at first even though I was excited,” she said. “I love being able to learn about CLS and potentially pursue it as a career, so it was very rewarding to have that be recognized by others.”

As an out-of-state-student, Cruz said financial support she received from the scholarship is essential.

“The scholarship will be going straight toward helping with my tuition,” she said. “Anything helps.”

Cruz said she is considering going to medical school and that her time in the CLS program has contributed to her desire to work in health care. “It’ll be helpful to have this knowledge as I go on to higher education” Cruz said. “I really love working with people and helping others so hopefully whatever occupation I end up pursuing after graduation will involve both of those.”