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Jennifer Swift ’07 graduated with her undergraduate degree in clinical laboratory science. As a student, she was excited to learn that this major included both of her passions of science and medicine and had multiple career opportunities available after graduation.

Jennifer Swift ’07

Current Employer and Job Title:

Duke Clinical Transplantation Immunology Laboratory; MLS Specialist

Tell us about your job:

Swift is responsible for maintaining day-to-day workflow, training, competency, result verification, updating procedures, process improvement and being a technical expert for several areas around the lab.

“I love the gratification I feel in helping patients improve their lives,” Swift said. “I also enjoy the critical thinking and problem solving required working in a complex clinical laboratory.”

Swift is very passionate about her work in HLA. “The gratification I receive when we work up and transplant a solid organ or bone marrow patient is undeniable.”

Swift is grateful for the professional relationships that have been formed throughout her career. “My advice for current or potential students is to get involved. The more you get involved with projects, committees or even discussions around the lab, the more engaged and committed you become to the cause. This will give you enhanced purpose and fulfillment in your job.”

How did your education with the Division of Clinical Laboratory Science benefit you?

“I am thankful to the UNC program for teaching and preparing me for the real-world clinical laboratories,” Swift said. “The critical thinking skills and best practices learned through this program truly set MLS technologists apart from others in the field.”

Recognition and achievements:

  • Chair of Professional and Performance Development Work Culture Improvement committee for Duke Clinical Labs

Swift has served as a guest speaker during the annual senior seminar day held for second-year CLS students. She shared her story about her career path as a clinical laboratory scientist and offered advice to soon-to-be graduates. Jennifer also currently serves as a member of the division’s advisory board.

Over the last year, Jennifer has been working to develop a professionalism-training program for all employees of the Duke University Health System Clinical Laboratories. The program, titled “Professionally Speaking” was created as an effort to promote teamwork and wellbeing in the work place. Training has been conducted with approximately 600 of the 900 total employees to date.