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Welcome to the Harrop Lab in the Department of Health Sciences at UNC Chapel Hill!

The primary aim of the Harrop Lab is to understand how development varies across neurodevelopmental disorders. We work with toddler through to adults with neurodevelopmental disorders, focusing heavily on 2 to 10 years. Our goal is to understand the factors that affect development using behavioral, physiological, electrophysiological and clinical approaches. We are particularly interested in how assigned sex at birth and gender identity impact the diagnosis and expression of autism.

The Harrop Lab is committed to creating a diverse, safe and inclusive research environment and community for all our participants and families, as well as our students and staff. We are also committed to listening to, learning from, and working in collaboration with the communities our research focuses on.

*Dr. Harrop is (likely) not taking a student this cycle (Fall 2024) for either Developmental Psychology or Speech and Hearing Sciences.