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Disrupting the Cycle of Inaccessible Healthcare and Supports for Minoritized Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

A health equity study funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

About Disrupting the Cycle

Our Team

Led by Dr. Khalilah Johnson, the Disrupting the Cycle team is a true partnership between UNC researchers, co-researchers who are minoritized adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDD) and caregivers, and community partners. Meet our team.

Our Model

Co-researchers shared personal narratives, mapped health care experiences, and engaged in group dialogue around disability-led care and politics of the Black disabled body, developing suggestions for community partners and providers. Learn about our approach.


We’re developing a culturally affirming model of supports to address the healthcare and community needs of adults with IDD from diverse backgrounds. We continue to share results through presentations and invited talks and academic publications.

Join Disrupting the Cycle

We are currently developing emerging partnerships in preparation for future stages of this research.
Community partners and providers interested in joining Disrupting the Cycle are encouraged to contact us.

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