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Notice: We admitted our last TDPT class in 2022. We will not be enrolling any transitional students in the future.

Distance Education

The Transitional DPT, or tDPT, program is designed for licensed physical therapists who are seeking additional knowledge and skills along with the doctoral degree. The program combines distance learning and web-based instruction with ongoing clinical application. The web-based instruction allows therapists to continue in practice while pursuing this advanced degree. The program allows for enrollment of experienced physical therapy clinicians seeking advanced clinical knowledge and skills. Therapists with an interest in clinical or academic teaching are encouraged to apply. The application for admission is made available in October for a start date the following fall.

Transitional DPT Program Outcomes

The program produces graduates who are clinically competent to identify and develop new clinical services and to practice autonomously as primary clinical care practitioners. The primary focus of the degree is on clinical competence and expertise with the opportunity for specialization in the student’s preferred practice area. Graduates are expected to continue in clinical practice, serve in policy-making and leadership positions in their communities, and to pursue teaching roles consistent with professional goals. Those graduates with significant clinical experience may also seek board certification as clinical specialists and/or positions as clinical faculty in physical therapy education programs.

Transitional DPT Degree Requirements

Degree requirements include completion of 27 credits of approved coursework beyond the professional entry-level degree. This program is only offered on a part-time basis conducted over two years. The curriculum is built around three interactive core components:

  • Clinical Foundation Core
  • Clinical Practice Core, and;
  • Specialty Practice Core.

For more information, contact the Transitional DPT admissions office.