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Virtual Gathering for PTs, PTAs and Administrators August 2020

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Essential questions:

  • Can the student’s current IEP be implemented as written?
  • Will the student’s current IEP still be appropriate during the LEA re-opening transitions?
  • Does the parent understand how services will be implemented during each re-opening transition?

8/5 @ 11a; #= 18

  • Notes to Essential standards electives- steps to find and post on SBPT
  • Meeting, no meeting?
  • Not wanting school but to come in for RS Can we go into a home? Waiver
  • Clean setting? 1:1 with all students;
  • Joslyn developing screen and informed consent
  • PPE- Clear face shield (caution on rsch), cloth mask, what is extreme? Contamination,
  • Scheduling: limit- one school in the am and pm; creative
  • Concerns around itinerant,
  • UV stick- proven effective on toys, cloth, shoes; change of clothes/LEA purchasing scrubs; think gown/mask too scary; wearing glasses
  • Treating outdoors
  • Re-training staff to move/transfer from the back/both facing forward
  • Bagging things to prevent cross-contamination, re-order PPE
  • Focus on coaching instructional staff to limit exposure
  • Changing phases, back and forth; discussion of LEA/phase status/plan
  • Connecting as a community virtually to support/discuss (organized
  • Difficult to support each student, collaborating to delegate tasks
  • Far west group: contact
  • Request for on-going virtual mtgs: Lead PT once every 9 weeks; PT/PTA once every 9 10am/2p
  • Role of PTA for VRS- communication, creating/managing documents, finding videos/resources, interventions, programming and activities
  • Triage/capture clinical reasoning &/or prioritiy
  • Equity
  • Requirement for parent/adult there, another adult/staff present
  • Designated day/location for evaluation; self-contained class with barriers/curtains c all others plan C; parent choice/complex- remote/VRS; how to delivery service for more involved service
  • Videos- individualization vs. general, audience, consider liability/safety
  • Using blocks with activity options, leverage youtube videos
  • com; Pink oatmeal; virtual PE
  • Videos FROM parents for problem solving?
  • Ensure contact- google voice offers telephone number (without having to share your personal number)- Pitt/Alamance uses
  • Zoom (Healthcare version for tx);; Google meet
  • TOO many platforms for parents (LEA deciding on one per ES, MS, HS)


  • How can we simplify and collaborate scheduling and multiple platforms for parents? overlap sessions to ensure educational relevance
  • LEAs allowing for staff’s children to attend 5d (Alamance, Pitt)
  • Equipment- loaned out, maintenance, establishing procedures for management, training for positioning/supporting parents; plan to go to the home to adjust; loan agreement
  • Be wary of denying FAPE, access AT


8/5 @ 2-3:19p; #= 7 [Michigan, VA, Montana, Illinois, PA]

  • Appreciation of website
  • Concern re: PS with mask wearing
  • Issued N95
  • PS assessment? Virtual PBA; how is PEDI-CAT, virtual/PS? DAY-C
  • VA=Shower curtian & partitioners; making google slides with parent contact/check in slide, demo of activities with parent/CG as ehelper
  • Inspired treehouse website; super simple songs; virtual PE; Patty Shulka (slower songs for mvt); growing little brains (OT-avoiding virtual burnout); com
  • Focus on supporting instruction/teachers and infusing movement into instruction
  • Align activities with parents with goal area/address impairments
  • Google platform/ use google forms to collect data from parents nice interface
  • Varied svc delivery models; paraprofessionals vary widely between states;
  • Medicaid reimbursement? Making distinction between intervention and additional services
  • Group therapy (majority no)
  • No playground equipment/gym
  • Requested OT & PT virtual mtg- assessment/intervention/PS context end of Aug


8/6 @ 12-1:22p; n= 13 [Zoombombed]

  • Facilitator preps parent with role, activities props, etc. RSPs provide needed items/situations
  • Pay attention to shoes! They go everywhere. Store clothes in trunk and immediately in washer
  • UV research does not demonstrate effective; face shields not effective
  • Pediatric PT Exercise Youtube channel
  • Match test for masks
  • Requesting shoe covers & eye protection (don’t use contacts)


8/7 @ 9:30-11:02a; n=10

  • Not keeping students online longer than necessary, scheduling just before instruction to assist with positioning
  • Also like to have in writing agreement/understanding/consensus from the parent via email
  • Developing consent, reviewing contingency plans for delivery specifics/location/duration
  • Tough getting in touch with some families/hear nothing, referral?
  • General info on SBP
  • RSP video is gone (re-post); ed v. clinical doc is helpful [re-posted it on home page of SBPT website]

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