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I just learned of some great resources and reminders that I wanted you to be aware of…
  1. NC DPI EC Division resources:
  1. NC School Nurse-
  2. Social Emotional Learning website=
  3. Social Emotional Learning Newsletter (here)
  4. The annual Deaf-Blind Census will be conducted from February 15 to March 15.  All students in North Carolina with a combined hearing and vision loss should be included on the census. Make certain students you work with are counted!
  5. The SSAT section will be holding ‘Specially Designed Instruction for Students with Low Incidence Disabilities’ Webinar on Monday January 31st at 3:00pm, to provide an overview of the revisions in ECATS to Annual Goal Areas and Services specific to low-incidence disability areas. Contact your EC director for more information. Registration link:
  6. Reminder- The Early Learning Sensory Support Program provides free services, available to all PSUs.  Through an annual assurances process, PSUs may request support for preschoolers from a Teacher of the Visually Impaired, Hearing Impaired, and or Orientation and Mobility Specialist. Support can be provided for the preschool population in the form of direct services and or supports for school personnel. Contact Bethany Mayo or Ruth Anne Everett for more information. [EC staff by specialty]
  7. American Rescue Plan (ARP) Funds- PRC 185, 186 and 187- should be budgeted as soon as possible. Contact your EC director with ideas you may have for appropriate expenditures…
  8. Young Exceptional Perspectives (YEP) Quarterly Newsletter YEP is a quarterly publication by and for NC youth with disabilities produced by the Exceptional Children’s Assistance Center. Please share the January 2022 Newsletter with students, staff, and families.
  9. You may schedule time with your PT consultant at any time! I am here to support you.