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We regret to announce that Dr. Philip Griffin will be leaving the UNC Hearing and Communication Center at the end of June 2022 as he relocates to a different city. Dr. Griffin has provided both audiologic and vestibular diagnostic and rehabilitative services at the UNC HCC for over 5 years as a faculty audiologist. During his time with our faculty, Dr. Griffin has been an invaluable member of our team, a wonderful clinician, and a steadfast mentor to our graduate students. We are all going to miss him! If you are a patient of Dr. Griffin’s and in need of hearing- or hearing aid-related services, we would be happy to recommend another UNC HCC audiologist for you.

The UNC HCC is currently in the process of hiring an audiologist who specializes in both hearing and balance disorders to replace him. Until his replacement arrives this fall, all vestibular (balance) patients will be referred to a nearby balance clinic. If you are in need of vestibular services, please call us at (919) 493-7980, and we will be happy to provide you the contact information.

Please stay on the lookout for an announcement email in the coming weeks about the newest addition to our team.

Yours in Better Hearing,

The UNC HCC Team

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