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The UNC Hearing and Communication Center is a non-profit, nationally recognized audiology faculty practice, committed to providing the highest quality hearing care.

What Sets Us Apart

The UNC Hearing and Communication Center (HCC) provides comprehensive and compassionate hearing health care to the Triangle and beyond. Our faculty audiologists use the latest American Academy of Audiology recommended procedures to diagnose and treat hearing loss. These research-based techniques are utilized to ensure complete patient satisfaction and to provide optimal benefit of their technology. Our services cover a wide range of hearing health care, including comprehensive hearing evaluations, hearing aid selections and fittings, and aural rehabilitation. Our entire staff strives to make the experience as personal and efficient as possible. 

Student Clinical Training

Since 1969, the UNC HCC has not only provided care to the community, but it has also served as a training facility to students in the Doctor of Audiology program at UNC-Chapel Hill. Each student has a clinical placement at the HCC during their training program. Our board-certified audiologists provide hands-on clinical opportunities while illustrating nationally recommended protocols.

Forward-Thinking Pricing

Our nationally recognized, itemized (unbundled) model sets us apart from other clinics. Hearing aids and assistive devices can be a large investment. Separating the cost of hearing devices from the cost of professional services makes hearing care more affordable and accessible. To learn more about itemization (unbundling), click here.

Non-Discrimination Policy: The UNC Hearing and Communication Center has a commitment to non-discrimination, access and reasonable accommodation. This includes prohibitions on discrimination based on any category prohibited by applicable law but not limited to age, citizenship, disability, ethnicity, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, and veteran status. We are a wheelchair accessible facility and have Hearing Assistive Technology for use during the appointments for anyone in need. For further detail of the UNC Health Care non-discrimination notice, click here. UNC Health Care patient rights and responsibilities can be found here.