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The Center is able to provide pre-doctoral research and/or clinical training to a limited number of trainees through its Pre-doctoral Training Program. These are usually one-year fellowships and are normally supported by grant agencies external to the Center.

The first of these fellows was Catherine Forneris, who subsequently completed her PhD in clinical psychology and is now on the faculty of the UNC Department of Psychiatry.

Another pre-doctoral fellow was Neeta Venepalli, a third year medical student when she completed a Doris Duke Fellowship. Her training involved all stages of developing and completing a clinical research study — literature review and proposal preparation, recruitment and interviewing of research subjects, analysis of the data, and writing and publishing the manuscript. Her topic was families of children with recurrent abdominal pain (RAP). She has now completed her MD degree and accepted an internship and residency training at Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois.

  • Chloe Hill was a medical student from Cornell University who completed a 12-month research internship as a Doris Duke Fellow. Her research focused on new methods for assessing visceral perception in patients with IBS.