Director and Associate Director

Dr. William E. Whitehead and Dr. Yehuda Ringel are the Director and Associate Director for the Center for Functional GI and Motility Disorders at UNC – Chapel Hill.

Clinicians and Administration

Dr. Yolanda Scarlett is the Director for the GI Motility Lab at UNC Chapel Hill. The providers, nurses, and administrative staff are the reason why UNC GI Motility Lab is one of the best GI Motility facilities of it’s kind in North Carolina and the nation.

Faculty & Investigator

The driving force behind novel treatments and understanding of functional gastrointestinal disorders (FGIDs) is investigational research studies. Dr. William E. Whitehead is the Director for the Center and coordinates multiple research studies at UNC. Drs. Olafur Palsson, Yehuda Ringel, Steve Heymen, Miranda van Tilburg, and many other faculty are responsible for many breakthroughs in understand FGIDs, evaluation of diagnostic criteria, pharmaceutical clinical trials, and improving the patient – physician relationship.

Research Coordinators

Research is conducted best if faculty and investigators have an outstanding team standing with them to help carry out the research protocol and work one-on-one with the patients. The research coordinators at the Center work on a variety of research studies from investigational drug and device trials, probiotic trials, and behavioral research trials.

Staff Biographies

The administrative staff provide the structure to the core of Center activities. The administrative staff helps with the financial, logistical, scheduling, and patient centered service to ensure that the Center provides the best to the patients who receive care at UNC Chapel Hill.

Research Network Collaborators

To ensure UNC produces the best research efforts, we collaborate with other clinicians and investigators throughout the state of North Carolina, United States, and the entire world. We collaborate with Europe, Australia, Japan, Singapore, United Kingdom, Canada, and many other countries around the world.

Directors and Board Members

This page encompasses all the Board members and Directors of different gastrointestinal organizations around the world. The Board includes External Scientific Advisory and different Directors around the nation.