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Welcome to the Lenti-shRNA Core Facility

The Lenti-shRNA Core Facility is premised in Open Biosystems TRC1 shRNA libraries.

The libraries are cataloged as a single lentiviral-vector shRNA expression clones directed to +/- 16,000 human and mouse genes. Each gene is targeted by 4 or 5 different shRNAs driven by the U6 promoter.
Please note that the shRNA knockdown efficiency has not been validated.

The shRNA Core provides the lentiviral shRNA vectors in four different formats:

  • Glycerol bacterial stocks – set of 4-5 shRNA clones directed to a particular target gene (control is also available: empty-vector control or eGFP control)
  • Small scale vector particle preps (~10ml) – set of shRNA vectors directed to a particular target gene (control vector prep available)
  • Large scale vector preps (~100ml) and empty-vector or eGFP control
  • Customized vector construction, hourly charge

Lenti cDNA Library now available.

The lenti-shRNA core now has available a lenti-cDNA library.
Several clones in this library have been tested and demonstrated efficient cDNA expression by Western blot analysis. The cDNAs are expressed under the control of a CMV promoter. An additional PGK promoter controls the expression of a Blasticidin resistance selection marker.
All the cDNAs are V5-tagged.
The cDNAs were incorporated into the lenti cassette via the gateway system. Thus, the relevant cDNAs can be mobilized via the gateway system to gateway-compatible cassettes.