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  • Target Clones: shRNA in glycerol stock
    $208 for a set of shRNA constructs (4 or 5) targeted to your interested gene.
  • Clone Control:
    $81 for empty-vector or eGFP in glycerol stock
  • Target Vectors: Small-scale of virus particle
    $260 for a set of shRNA constructs (10 ml for each construct). Investigators are responsible for providing the isolated DNAs to the core.
  • Vector Control:
    $109 for producing virus
  • Single Vector Large Scale:
    $1533 for 100 ml virus particles. Upon request, we can produce the virus particle up
    to 100 ml.
  • Vector Large Scale Control:
    $365 for 20 ml control virus particles.
  • Special construction:
    $74 per hour will be charged for cloning requested by customers. If customers provide their own lenti viral or retro viral vector DNAs, $74 will be charged for 10 ml of virus (titering information is not provided).


  • $74 for clone containing lenti-cDNA plasmid
  • $74 for lentiviral particles (10 x 1mL) of the relevant clone