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Individualization Phase Leadership

Lindsay Wilson, MD, Co-Director of Individualization Phase
Winston Li, MD, Interim Co-Director of Individualization Phase
Mindy McKinney, Assistant Director of Curricular Affairs, Individualization Phase
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Course Structures and Assessments

During the 14 months of the Individualization Phase, students will develop individual core clinical interests and skills with a focus on future career plans. Students have many options to individualize their learning experience based on their learning plan, career goals, interests, and their unique needs for clinical skills development.

In addition to 4 Elective Months, there are 11 months of required experiences.

For the Classes of 2023 & 2024, and total of 57 Credit Hours are required for graduation. Each course must be a discrete experience (One course cannot fulfill two requirements).

Students are expected to complete the NBME Step 2 CK exam using 4 weeks built into the Individualization Phase.

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Grading Standards

2-week electives in the Individualization Phase are graded on a scale of Fail, Pass, High Pass, and Honors.

Research electives are an exception, and are graded on a Pass or Fail basis.