A student is not required to do a scholarly concentration to graduate; however, we encourage students all to consider participation in this novel, and we hope fulfilling experience, at UNC. A student choosing a scholarly concentration is making a commitment to learning a discipline, and doing a deeper dive into a chosen area, than might be experienced in the curriculum otherwise. As such, a student’s participation in a scholarly concentration will result in special designation of those activities on their Dean’s letter. Scholarly concentrations are an excellent way to distinguish oneself from a career standpoint, for example, work closely with a mentor expert in the chosen discipline, develop meaningful programs, perhaps contribute to the literature, and maybe even follow this pathway into a future career. At a practical level, students participating in scholarly concentrations will have ample material to discuss during residency interviews.

Application Process and Deadline

Please submit your application for a scholarly concentration program using this ONLINE APPLICATION. The application will open later in the Fall semester of 2020, a date has not yet been announced.  No exceptions will be made for late submissions. Please adhere to the following instructions for submitting an application.  Applications for all scholarly concentration programs will be distributed to directors for their review; expect follow up communication from them as well as the SCP Coordinator.

Scholarly Concentration Programs