Whether you are looking for a place to flex your creative muscles, a way to give back to the community, or an opportunity to expand your network and learn something new; the UNC MD-PhD Program has a student-led initiative for you. These groups are founded and operated by MD-PhD students, and speak to a diverse array of passions and goals. Consider expanding your connections by joining one today!



UNC Advocates for MD-PhD Women in Science (UNC AMPWIS)

UNC AMPWIS was founded in 2013 by Kate Hacker and Audrey Verde to promote the success, recognition, and excellence of women in academic medicine and medical research. Their objectives are to:

  • Educate members about the challenges women face in academic medicine and research
  • Facilitate discussions within our community about these inequalities
  • Increase mentoring between MD-PhD students at UNC and female physician-scientists in the Triangle community
  • Prepare members for successful careers in academic medicine through career development workshops and lectures
  • Recruit more women into the MD-PhD program
  • Encourage more young women to pursue dual degree careers

For more information please visit the UNC AMPWIS website.


UNC-Duke MD-PhD Collaboration

The UNC-Duke MD-PhD Collaboration is a Kenan-Biddle partnership initiated in 2013 by Chris Dibble and Patrick Taus of the UNC MD-PhD Program, and Melodi Whitley and Matthew Kan of Duke MD-PhD Program. This grant supported joint lectures hosted at each school, outreach to UNC and Duke undergraduates encouraging pursuit of the MD-PhD career path, and a joint research symposium with a Keynote Address from Nobel Laureate Dr. Robert Lefkowitz.

This collaboration persisted through a 2015 Kenan-Biddle Partnership of UNC and Duke AMPWIS leaders Audrey Verde, Kate Hacker, Melodi Whitley, and Amy Wisdom. The 2015 grant supported monthly meetings of the two AMPWIS groups, which featured article discussions, mentor panels, undergraduate mentorship opportunities, career development workshops, and book clubs. The funding also supported the second annual Southeast Symposium for MD-PhD Women in Science, which was hosted at Duke.


Stage IV: Actin’ Out

UNC School of Medicine’s Drama Club

Stage IV: Actin’ Out was founded in 2011 by Chris Giardina and Patrick Lang.

Stage IV provides an avenue of creative expression and an opportunity for cathartic release to otherwise high-strung and overworked medical students. The organization puts on regular performances for an intended audience of the students, faculty, staff, family, and friends of the School of Medicine and Graduate Schools. The Stage IV mission is to inspire a greater appreciation for art, drama, and theatre.



The UNCSOM a Capella Group

The MedUNCedoos were founded by Perry Tsai and Brittany Johnson in 2009. The group has grown from just four people at their first rehearsal to its current size of more than 15 members. They rehearse once per week for two hours, typically on Thursday evenings. The MedUNCedoos perform about 10 times each year, at banquets, parties, the Cadaver Memorial Service, skit night, and impromptu performances in the hospital and on campus.

Click here for more information about the MedUNCedoos.



The UNC School of Medicine Art and Literary Journal

Iris is an online literary and arts journal designed by medical students to encourage and celebrate the humanities in medicine. Iris features works of photography, poetry, prose, drawing, painting, video, music, and other forms of creative expression. Submissions are open to UNC SOM faculty, staff, and students. Lee Hong started the online version of IRIS in 2012.

You can read the latest edition of IRIS here.

Screen Shot of UNC MD-PhD Newsletter

UNC MSTP Newsletter

Keeping you in touch with student and alumni news

The inaugural publication of the MSTP Newsletter was spearheaded by Andrew Morgan and Christian Parobek in 2011. Since then, our students have collaborated to publish the newsletter annually.

You can view newsletter archives here.