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There are several mailing lists that are used by the division overall to send out announcements, and for most of these you can directly add yourself to the list.  To do so, click the appropriate link to the list below.  An email will pop up with subscription information.  Send it (without editing anything), and then a confirmation email will be sent to your email address.  Note:  If you do not click confirm on your subscription, you may not be fully added and you will not receive emails.

Here are the available “self-subscribe” lists:

4th Floor Bioinformatics – Happenings for the 4th Floor of Bioinformatics

GI All – All GI University Employees

GI Med/Healthcare System – All GI University and HCS employees


There are other mailing lists (such as med_researchstaff-dd, that you cannot automatically add yourself to. For all other lists, please contact Jennifer Layton via email and she can add you as appropriate.