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Mayuran Ravindran, MD - Division of Rheumatology, Allergy, and Immunology

Mayuran Ravindran, MD

First Year Allergy/Immunology Fellow

Mayuran Ravindran, MD

First Year Allergy/Immunology Fellow

Areas of Interest

Food allergy



What drew me to UNC was its reputation for providing strong clinical training and career mentorship in A&I. The faculty are welcoming, knowledgeable, and invested in teaching fellows. Moreover, UNC’s clinical and translational research opportunities are truly outstanding, providing me with the chance to explore my academic interest in food allergy and actively contribute to the advancement of the field.

Beyond its academic merits, UNC offers a living environment that perfectly blends the warmth and charm of the South with a sense of familiarity reminiscent of my home state, Ohio. The vibrant community and welcoming atmosphere at UNC makes me feel right at home!


My personal experience growing up with food allergies gave me firsthand knowledge of the challenges and impact that allergies can have on individuals and their families. Because of this, I am deeply motivated to contribute to the field by enhancing our understanding of treatment, prevention, and management of food allergy.



To unwind, I enjoy catching up on stand-up comedy shows, playing tennis with friends, and watching college football–Go Buckeyes!

  • Undergraduate

    Ohio State University

  • Medical School

    Ohio State University

  • Residency

    Emory University