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CongratulationsMolly KulikauskasVictoria Bautch, Ph.D.Congratulations to Molly Kulikauskas, a CBP graduate student in the Bautch Lab, and Victoria L. Bautch, Ph.D., Beverly Long Chapin Distinguished Professor of Biology; Co-Director, UNC McAllister Heart Institute, for publishing article, titled “Endothelial cell SMAD6 balances Alk1 function to regulate adherens junctions and hepatic vascular development”, in the journal DevelopmentNIH National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.



Molly and The Bautch Lab team published exciting findings showing that SMAD6, a negative BMP regulator, is required for viability and targets endothelial ALK1 signaling and junction integrity in the embryonic liver. The work was funded by NSF Predoctoral Fellowship (MK) and NIH-NHLBI R35 Outstanding Investigator Award (VLB) and is featured in Volume 150, Issue 21, November, 2023, of the journal Development and can be read online now.