The UNC ESTEEM Antiretroviral Adherence Predictor

A team of UNC researchers has created an investigation HIV medication adherence prediction tool called the UNC ESTEEM Antiretroviral Adherence Predictor.

The 10 items included in the tool can be asked of a patient and the results input into the calculator to arrive at a the probabilities of non-adherence (20% and 30% of doses missed) and persistence (>3 and >7 days of missed medication in a row).

The tool was developed after looking at patient responses to a battery of questions that were generated following focus groups and interviews with people living with HIV in NC. ART taking behaviors in this cohort of patients was followed for three months and the best performing items used in the final tool. Please note that the tool has not yet been validated.

If you have any questions about this tool, I am happy to help you. Please contact me through NCATEC Clinician line at 855-862-2832 or send me an email at

-David Wohl, MD, Director of NCATEC

Click Here to download the tool.