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UNC’s Office of Graduate Education has multiple opportunities to gain research experience. Read through a description of each program to see which may be the best fit for you.

Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The OGE hosts professional development and socials for many summer research programs for undergraduates. To see a directory of our partner programs, see this page.

Postbaccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP)

UNC PREP is specifically designed to equip and encourage students interested in pursuing a PhD in the biological and biomedical sciences, especially for groups who have traditionally been under-resourced. Students who have recently completed their Bachelor’s degree spend one year on the campus of UNC Chapel Hill gaining and strengthening skills needed for entry and success in top-tiered PhD programs. UNC PREP alums have been very successful in transitioning directly into top biomedical PhD programs across the country. For more information, visit PREP’s website.

Biological & Biomedical Sciences PhD Program (BBSP)

BBSP is an umbrella admitting program for 15 different PhD programs across UNC’s campus. With just 1 application, BBSP students have access to over 350 research faculty in many different disciplines.

Part of BBSP is the Initiative for Maximizing Student Development (IMSD), which seeks to increase the number of students from under-resourced populations who attain PhDs and go on to successful careers in the biosciences.

All of our PhD students can also access Training Initiatives in Biomedical & Biological Sciences (TIBBS). Through these programs, students at UNC can learn about academic and non-academic careers, develop relevant skills, and gain experience in different careers.