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Thursday, May 21, 2019


UNC Hospital Starbucks (upstairs)

Amber Beg, MD
Resident, Pediatrics
OIA Global Health Scholar

Amber is a third year resident in pediatrics. She is a graduate of the UAB School of Medicine and attended UNC for her undergraduate degree. Between college and medical school, she spent a year as a post-baccalaureate research fellow at the NIH.

Amber first developed a passion for global health in college through her work in India and through her involvement with GlobeMed and other student organizations at UNC. In medical school, she traveled to Nicaragua and worked to develop a partnership between UAB students and Clinica Verde, a non-profit sponsored clinic in Boaco, Nicaragua. She returned to Nicaragua during her residency, partnering with the non-profit AMOS to assess barriers to care for asthma exacerbation treatment and prevention.

See presentation here: Amber Beg 5.16.2019 Presentation