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Step 2 – Plan ahead for your international elective

There are established opportunities in many countries, and you can always create your own opportunity as well. It is an RRC requirement that all resident physicians working abroad are directly supervised by a board certified physician and covered under UNC’s malpractice policy.

Please note that all UNC students, residents and faculty must comply with UNC travel policies, which relies on the US State Department and the CDC to determine countries (and sometimes regions within countries) which are considered safe and appropriate for elective travel. Residents must read and sign the “Release and Hold Harmless Agreement” in the GME International Rotations Policy regarding the risks of international travel. There is a current list of countries that residents cannot travel to and others for which special waivers are needed maintained on the Office of Global Health site through the SPH. For more information or concerns, please contact OIA director Martha Carlough (

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