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Step 5 – Find and apply for funding $$$

Finding funding for going abroad generally comes from a combination of 3 sources: yourself (including your salary), scholarships or grants. In most situations, a global health elective is going to cost some money out of your pocket. Funding is available for UNC/H resident physicians (and fellows under GME office) for global health electives on a competitive basis. Scholarships will be funded for up to $2,000 per resident offered on a biannual funding cycle through the SOM Office of International Activities.

The UNC Office of Global Health Education offers two UNC/H Resident Physician Funding options. The first is the biannual Resident Physician Global Health Travel Scholarship application.

Eligibility: In order for a resident to apply, he/she must be in academic good standing, have the approval of the Program Director (including approval of away dates) and Departmental chair, and have completed all the School of Medicine OIA and GME requirements according to the Policy and Procedures of the GME office for international rotations. Electives must be a minimum of two weeks in duration and four weeks is encouraged. Awards range from $500-$2,000. Funding for retroactive rotations are not possible and are not to be requested. Further, if an applicant has already received former OIA funding for a rotation experience, they are not eligible to receive additional funding for the same experience. However, applicants can be funded twice (max) from the OIA for different global health proposals.  Applications are  considered according to the following schedule:

  • Applications are due by February 15th, with decision by March 15th
  • Applications are due by September 15th with decision by October 15th

The applications will be available to access on our website HERE 4-6 weeks from the due date. For any questions about this process, please contact the Office of Global Health education before completing the application.

Additional Funding Sources:

American Women’s Hospital Services Overseas Assistance Grant program provides travel grants for residents working in clinics around the world. Students have traveled to a number of countries ranging from Uganda, Peru, India, Nepal, South Africa. $1,000 max.

The University of Washington Global and Rural Health Fellowship in Internal Medicine is a two year program based in a structured curriculum containing clinical and research training in global health, clinical training with Native populations in Alaska and South Dakota, education, mentorship, and teaching opportunities.

The Dr. Charles A Sanders/Project HOPE International Residency Scholarship Program is open to medical residents from UNC/Chapel Hill, Duke University, East Carolina University, and Wake Forest University and awards funding for a one to two month supervised global health elective at a HOPE program site. Applications available in January/February each year and are submitted directly to Project Hope.

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