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You have to live the life you are asking others to lead, live the ideals you are hoping to see reflected in others. It’s a process that requires patience, a belief in change, and the capacity to stay true to your course even if you’re the only one following your path."
-Nicole and Yousef

Refugees, who often fled violence and instability to come to the US for a better life, face daunting challenges in obtaining citizenship. Many have disabling medical conditions which prevent them from completing the language and civic exams as part of their application. NC Schweitzer Fellows Yousef Abu-Salha and Nicole Damari are leading a medical-legal team which helps them obtain exemptions to these requirements. As a result, they completed the necessary exemption paperwork for 52 qualified refugees. They are part of the UNC Physicians for Human Rights chapter and work to organize and host the N-648 clinic. The N-648 clinic recruits and trains medical students to evaluate the refugees, document and present to physicians, and work with the physicians to complete the N-648 form.

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For additional information or interest in getting involved as a student, contact the SOM Student group “Physicians for Human Rights” co-leaders, and