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Photo by Mandy McMenemy, Class of 2018 Global Photo Competition

UNC & Chapel Hill


  • Volunteer with Refugee Health Initiative (RHI) – a student run initiative of home visiting support for resettled refugees, usually twice annual “start dates” and at least a semester long commitment. Leadership roles for RHI may also be available to help plan and develop RHI
  • Become a member of the Physicians for Human Rights group, locally and nationally, and volunteer to help with N-648 refugee health screening clinics (and potentially asylum exams). Consider going for training in asylum examinations (offered frequently through PHR chapters at Georgetown, DC and Columbia, NYC)
  • Learn from the experts at UNC SPH – Humanitarian Health Initiative
  • Complete a refugee health medical student elective course (see OGHE website)
  • Volunteer with Carolina Doctors Without Borders (Acronym: C-DWoB). Contact Liana Kostak.

North Carolina (and “the Triangle”)

More broadly in the US and Globally


BOOKS – Your Heart is the Size of Your Fist (Martina Scholtens), My Heart it is Delicious (Bilione Young), The Middle of Everywhere (Mary Pipher), Seeking Refuge (Matthew Soerens), The New Odyssey (Patrick Kingsley), The City of Thorns (Ben Rawlence), The Late Homecomer (Kao Kali Lao), What is the What? (David Egger), The Translator (Daoud Hari),

MOVIES/Documentaries – (Forced From Home – MSF documentaries), (TIME documentaries), The Good Lie, Fire at Sea, Salam Neighbor, The Human Flow

Powerful Films about Refugees You Need To See


Last updated by Dr. Martha C. Carlough MD MPH, Office of Global Health Education  (5/2021)