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Global Health Scholarly Concentration Cohort I

March 1, 2019

The Office of International Activities is excited to announce the first cohort of Global Health Scholarly Concentration students! The UNC School of Medicine offers scholarly concentrations for first year medical students in several disciplines in medicine, such as Care of the Older Patient, Physician Leadership in Quality and Safety, Technology in Medicine, and Community Service, … Read more

Register Now for the Yale Global Health & Innovation Conference

February 28, 2019

Yale University in partnership with Unite for Sight is delighted to announce the expert panel sessions which will be featured at the 16th annual Global Health & Innovation Conference at Yale on April 13-14, 2019. The Global Health & Innovation Conference convenes nearly 2,000 participants and more than 300 presentations about global health, responsible global engagement, social … Read more

58% Of Women Surgeons Suffer Sexual Harassment: Why This May Hurt You Too

February 19, 2019

Former International Visiting Student and now Post-Doctoral Fellow, Apoorve Nayyar, presented research regarding sexual harassment among women surgeons. While the study is not yet published, it has won the 2019 Association for Academic Surgeons Best Overall Abstract Award, the 2019 AAS Outstanding Resident Research Award for Outcomes, and the Society of Asian Academic Surgeons best Academic Surgical Congress (ASC) Abstract Award.

Seeking and Solving: From Iraq to Uganda

October 24, 2018

Former OIA Global Health Scholar, Ross Boyce, MD, MSC draws on his military experience to provide care and help overcome access issues in rural Uganda. He has been awarded a Challenge Grant by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to support his work.

OIA Funded Med Students Present Poster at AAFP Global Health Summit

September 19, 2018

UNC MD Candidates, Shannon Herndon and Lauren Ellis presented their  poster “A qualitative case study of the Austral Institute in Neuquen, Argentina: A community healthcare model in Latin America” at the AAFP Global Health Summit this past week in Jacksonville, FL.  

The Pandemic Everyone Fears

January 30, 2018

If humanity is lucky, the next flu virus with pandemic potential will unfold in a country with a strong public health service and well-stocked hospitals, able to swiftly contain the threat.

Fighting for Dirty Water

January 26, 2018

During Mozambique’s unforgiving dry season, the limited water available is unpotable and risks spreading disease

Cohen discusses 2018 outlook on infectious disease

January 19, 2018

Myron Cohen, MD, Director of the Institute for Global Health and Infectious Disease, was among a panel of experts interviewed by MedPage Today about anticipated issues in the field of infectious disease in 2018.

WHO Launches Global Burn Registry

January 19, 2018

The WHO launched the first global platform to standardize data collection from burn victims—welcome news for efforts to advance burn treatment and prevention priorities.