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Photo by Mandy McMenemy, Class of 2018 Global Photo Competition

UNC & Chapel Hill


North Carolina (and “the Triangle”)

  • • Directly volunteer with a local refugee resettlement agency or community organization. There is enormous diversity of opportunity available, from being a “good neighbor” to a new refugee family, providing airport pickups and accompanying refugees to health and social service appts, to working alongside refugees in a CSA farm, etc.
    o (World Relief in Durham)
    o (Church World Service in Durham)
    o (USCRI in Raleigh)
    o – Transplanting Traditions
    o – Art Therapy Institute of NC
    o – NC Justice Center
  • Observe or participate in planning/coordinating meetings of refugee stakeholders
    • The Triangle Refugee Stakeholders Community Consultation is held quarterly and organized by Church World Service in Durham (contact office for information)
    The NC Dept of Health and Human Services offers various refugee assistance programs (see: and the state refugee health coordinator is Jennifer Morrillo ( – many other small refugee health providers and resources are listed on their website

More broadly in the US and Globally


BOOKS – Your Heart is the Size of Your Fist (Martina Scholtens), My Heart it is Delicious (Bilione Young), The Middle of Everywhere (Mary Pipher), Seeking Refuge (Matthew Soerens), The New Odyssey (Patrick Kingsley), The City of Thorns (Ben Rawlence), The Late Homecomer (Kao Kali Lao), What is the What? (David Egger), The Translator (Daoud Hari),

MOVIES/Documentaries (MSF documentaries), (TIME documentaries), The Good Lie, Fire at Sea, Salam Neighbor, The Human Flow

More film ideas found here:


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