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What is a Loan Servicer?

A loan servicer is a company that handles the billing and other services on your federal student loan. Your loan is assigned to a loan servicer by the U.S. Department of Education after your loan amount is first disbursed (paid out).

These servicers will:

  • Comply with legislative regulatory requirements and provide unique services
  • Educate and inform borrowers as to the tools and options available to assist them in the management of their student loans
  • Offer multiple repayment options tailored to borrower preferences (for example: online payments, ACH, check, etc.)
  • Provide self-service tools for borrowers and options for receiving bills and/or correspondence electronically
  • Offer dedicated services to schools to help manage cohort default rates

Who is My Loan Servicer?

Your servicer should contact you directly after your funds are disbursed, but if you’re still unsure of which servicer has been assigned to your loan, you can find out by logging into the NSLDS and viewing the details of each loan. To do so, click on the loan’s number in the main list of your loans. You should be able to see the name and contact information for that loan’s servicer. Be sure to note that each of your loans can have different servicers, so it is important to identify the servicer for each loan. For more information about how to navigate to this information on the NSLDS, check out the AAMC Guide to Finding the Details of Your Loans in NSLDS.

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