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External Professional Activities for Pay

This site is a compilation of information, policies, procedures and federal/state regulations concerning relationships and activities between UNC School of Medicine faculty and staff with external entities.

  • At least 10 days prior to engaging with an external entity, submit a “Notice of Intent to Engage in an External Activity for Pay” at the UNC AIR web site.
  • Submit accurate information and update your Conflict of Interest or Vendor Relations disclosures to the University at the UNC AIR web site.
  • Prior to planning an event sponsored in whole or part by external entities, ensure compliance with the SOM/HCS Vendor Relations Policy.
  • Prior to engaging with a foreign entity, contact your departmental grants manager to ensure your disclosures are up to date and otherwise compliant with foreign influence guidance.
  • Provide full disclosure of financial interests in other writing, speaking, and teaching engagements; and
  • Review your information on the Open Payments website to ensure its accuracy and consistency with your University disclosures.