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Assistant Professor

Research Interests

Endothelial cells, which comprise the innermost wall of all blood vessels, are involved in a broad range of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases that represent a global challenge with high morbidity. Endothelial cell metabolism is an active process, and altered endothelial metabolism drive disease progression. The research in my lab focuses on the molecular mechanisms of endothelial cell metabolism and how they affect cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

Selected Publications

Kim B and Arany Z. (2022) Endothelial lipid metabolism. Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Medicine.

Kim B, Jang C, Dharaneeswaran H, Li J, Bhide M, Yang S, Li K, Arany Z. (2018) Endothelial pyruvate kinase M2 maintains vascular integrity. The Journal of Clinical Investigation.

Kim B, Li J, Jang C, Arany Z. (2017) Glutamine Fuels Proliferation but not Migration of Endothelial Cells. EMBO J.


Boa Kim
  • Pathology and Laboratory Medicine