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Harsharan Singh, MD


Research Interests

Our research in the area of transplantation has culminated in the characterization and development of a novel, non-invasive, diagnostic test to diagnose a major infectious complication post kidney transplantation known as polyomavirus nephropathy. This new diagnostic technique developed by me and my colleagues at UNC, called “Haufen testing”, avoids invasive biopsy procedures, and could potentially have profound implications for the care of kidney allograft recipients worldwide. The clinical impact of this novel discovery is now being confirmed in a multi-center prospective study with unrestricted funding from Astellas Pharma, US Inc. for which we are the lead investigative center. We are the lead investigators with centers participating from the US, Canada, and Europe in developing an International Consensus Classification of Polyomavirus nephropathy. Funding for this work is currently under review with the ERA-EDTA (European Renal Association / European Dialysis and Transplantation Association).

Selected Publications

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Harsharan Singh