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Clinical Psychology Intern – Affective Neuroscience Track

Summary Statement

Corinne received her Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and Biology at Florida State University. Next, she pursued her graduate education at Virginia Tech where she is completing her PhD in Clinical Psychology. Currently, Corinne is in her last year of her PhD and on clinical internship at the University of North Carolina within the School of Medicine.

Corinne has prior training in preclinical, neuroscience (e.g., fMRI, EEG, tACS), and clinical intervention methods and takes a developmental translational lens to her work. She is devoted to a research career regarding the identification, optimization, and dissemination of interventions for children and adolescents with mood and anxiety disorders. While working at CHAAMP, Corinne will contribute to existing projects regarding intergenerational trajectories of mood and anxiety development in children and adolescents whose mothers have experienced prior trauma. Additionally, she will collaborate with CHAAMP team members on the development of new intervention-based studies.

Following the completion of her clinical internship year, Corinne aims to pursue a postdoctoral research position as a clinical scientist. She will continue to expand her research experience and methodology repertoire within the context of adolescent mood and anxiety to further her contributions to the field.

Corinne Carlton-Smith