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eRA Information: Select Withdrawn NIH Applications Will Display a Grant Number Appended with ‘D’ in eRA Commons Effective April 26

A new process to go into effect tomorrow, April 26, 2023, will tag a resubmission or renewal application that is withdrawn prior to review with a ‘D’ in the grant number. The tag will only appear when a subsequent version is submitted.
This will allow NIH staff to assign the original grant number of the withdrawn application to the subsequent version and preserve information related to the withdrawn application in the eRA Commons.
Applicants will see the withdrawn application listed on the Status Information screen (also called Grant Folder) with a D% (D1, D2, D3) at the end of the grant number. An example is 1R01CA12345-01D1. The Status will state ‘Application withdrawn.


Figure 1: Status Information screen in eRA Commons, displaying a withdrawn application designated with a ‘D1’ at the end of the grant number
The applicants will also see the documents and information associated with the withdrawn application. No action is required on their part.