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Stem Joins Division of GI Surgery with Specialty in Colorectal Procedures

September 7, 2021

Jonathan Stem, MD, joins the UNC Department of Surgery as an Assistant Professor in the Division of Gastrointestinal Surgery. He sat down to discuss what inspired him to become a doctor, forming bonds with his patients, and the advice he gives to all of his trainees. Dr. Jonathan Stem received his undergraduate degree from Princeton … Continued

Maria Frangella

February 1, 2021

A Story Twenty-Five Years in the Making The year was 1995, and Maria Frangella was a 27-year-old New Jersey native. A young woman looking forward to getting married to her future husband and best friend. However, Maria was suffering from rectal bleeding, constipation, and bowel issues. She had all the symptoms of Colon Cancer but … Continued

Richard Sutphin

December 6, 2018

At 57 years old Richard Sutphin is getting a new opportunity to live again. Plagued with digestion issues his entire life, he was finally diagnosed at the age of 40 with Crohn’s disease. A construction worker by trade, Richard had found his way down to Louisiana after the catastrophic impact of hurricane Katrina. He was helping the city of New Orleans rebuild, working with a crew to bring the city back to life.