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Vascular Surgery Clinic: 984-974-5662

Vascular Surgery Clinic Fax: 984-974-2988

Wound Care Clinic, including Hyperbaric Oxygen: 984-974-1900

Vascular Clinic (for nurses, PA’s, residents, prescription refill, etc…): 984-974-2868


Vascular Surgery Physicians’ Office: 919-966-3391

Vascular Surgery Physicians’ Office Fax: 919-966-2898

Surgery and Endovascular Coordinator: 984-974-2897

Residency Program Coordinator: 919-966-3392

Peripheral Vascular Lab: 984-974-4582

Financial Counselor (Meadowmont): 984-974-8680

Financial Counselor: 919-843-5179

Medical Records Phone: 984-974-3226

Medical Records Fax: 984-974-0471