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2 months ago

It Starts with Caring…and Results in Quality: UNC Urology Launches Innovative “Quality Improvement” Program, Naming Dr. Hans Arora and Dr. Dave Friedlander as Co-Directors

A newly launched “Quality Improvement” (Q.I.) initiative further enhances the patient experience by implementing a systematic yet dynamic means of identifying best practices and measuring outcomes in order to enhance all aspects of the Department’s three core activities; 1) Patient Care, 2) Research, and 3) Education of tomorrow’s leading urologists.

7 months ago

Pioneering UNC Urologist Employs Advanced, Minimally Invasive “Robotic” Surgeries For Pediatric Patients

When Dr. Hans Arora recently performed two particularly complex urologic surgeries simultaneously on a young patient, he utilized the most advanced techniques and robotic tools available. As a result, the child experienced far less discomfort than with a traditional “open” procedure, had several very small ½-inch scars vs. one large 12-inch scar the length of her abdomen, and went home in less than two days instead of spending five to seven days in the hospital.