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Third Year Resident


Waynesboro, Virginia

College | Major

The Pennsylvania State University – Immunology and Infectious Diseases

Medical School

University of Maryland

Favorite Hobbies

Hiking, camping, playing piano and trumpet, and spending time with my beautiful wife and mini-aussie doodle

Favorite Restaurant/Take-out

The Wooden Nickel: Hillsborough, NC (they have the best fried pickles!)

If I wasn’t a Urologist…

A high school band teacher

On My Next Weekend Not On Call…

I would go on a great hike, hit some golf balls, and hit up a fun brewery

Secret Talent

Knowing useless (but very special!) Penn State sports trivia

Favorite / Current Research Project

Currently, I’m working on a project regarding PSA Density being Complementary to Prostate MP-MRI PI-RADS Scoring System for Risk Stratification


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James Frisbie