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Congratulations to Matthew Nielsen, MD, MS, FACS who has been approved by the Board of Directors of the American Urological Association’s (AUA) as the next chair of the Science and Quality (S&Q) Council. Dr. Nielsen will assume the role of chair-elect on June 1, 2021 and serve a four-year term as Chair, starting 2022.

As the S&Q Council Chair, Dr. Nielsen will provide strategic oversight to shape and execute on the broad science, quality, and data agenda of the AUA including:

  • Creation, dissemination, and implementation of clinical guidelines and white papers
  • Maintenance of the AUA Quality (AQUA) Registry
  • Development and implementation of physician performance measures
  • Advancement of patient safety initiatives
  • Monitoring of federal, state, and local quality healthcare programs
  • Formation and execution of data projects

“The AUA’s establishment of the Science and Quality Council structure, integrating activities across the Data, Guidelines, and QIPS Committees, created invaluable strategic alignment to support the mission of advancing urology. I am grateful for the opportunity to continue the work started by Drs. Wolf and Penson to serve AUA, our members, and our patients”

Matthew Nielsen, MD, MS, FACS
Professor and Chair of Urology

Matthew Nielsen, MD, MS, FACS


Dr. Nielsen has been an active member of the AUA since 2002 and during his time:

was named AUA Young Urologist of the Year in 2018

About the AUA’s Committee Structure

The AUA has over 500 volunteers that serve on various committees, grouped by functional areas, and contribute to the work of the association. The S&Q Council oversees the activities of the AUA’s Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Committee, Data Committee, and Practice Guidelines Committee, as well as related working groups.

As such, the Science and Quality Council oversees the science, quality, and data components of the AUA’s mission including the development, dissemination, and implementation of guidelines, white papers, physician performance measures, patient safety initiatives, registries, and data projects. Dr. Stuart Wolf was the inaugural S&Q Chair in 2014, and the current Science and Quality Council Chair is David Penson, MD MPH, Professor and Chair of the Department of Urology at Vanderbilt University.

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AUA Committee Reporting Structure
AUA Committee Reporting Structure