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FORTUNE has named UNC Health one of “America’s Most Innovative Companies” in it’s inaugural release of the FORTUNE’s Most Innovative list.

In partnership with leading data company Statista, this list puts a spotlight on U.S. companies that are making the biggest impact in innovation across a variety of levels.

FORTUNE conducted a survey among innovation experts, HR executives, and employees to determine America’s Most Innovative Companies. More than 10,000 eligible companies were evaluated for the FORTUNE list through an assessment of innovation dimensions including:

  • Product innovation (Innovations in R&D, production, sales and marketing)
  • Process innovation(Innovations in the areas of production/operations, strategy, planning, controlling and quality assurance)
  • Innovation culture (Primarily includes the introduction of a corporate culture that promotes creativity and entrepreneurial spirit)

“Well known for innovation propelled by its groundbreaking research and discovery stemming from its rich heritage as a distinguished academic medical center, UNC Health also leverages its culture of innovation to transform care delivery and improve the health of North Carolinians through adoption of new technologies and solutions.

UNC Health teammates work hard to find and promote innovations that enhance patient care and experience, improve access, reduce health disparities and increase operational efficiency.”

– Carol Lewis, Vice President of UNC Health Enterprises.

One of UNC Health’s notable innovative healthcare solutions is its hospital-at-home program, which has provided inpatient care to over 875 patients in the comfort of their own homes. The program has been successful in achieving better outcomes than traditional hospital settings, including lower rates of hospital-acquired infections and mortality. This is made possible through a multi-disciplinary care team supported by a 24/7 command center and a rapid response service network. Patient satisfaction is high, with 97% of surveyed patients saying they would recommend the hospital-at-home program.

UNC Health has also embraced digital technology to enhance patient care and experience. Its mobile app, which has over 45,000 active users, allows patients to access a range of services, including virtual and in-person appointments, real-time wait times at urgent care centers, and out-of-pocket cost estimates. UNC Health provided over 190,000 virtual visits last year, and a bi-directional text messaging platform has been implemented to enable patients to schedule appointments and receive alerts when earlier appointments become available, resulting in a 33-day improvement in appointment wait times for over 40,000 patients to date. These initiatives have been recognized by the Foundry CIO, which named UNC Health a 2023 winner of its prestigious CIO 100 award for innovations in business technology.

UNC Health is also committed to addressing healthcare disparities and expanding access to care in underserved communities. It has launched virtual telepsychiatry consults to connect emergency room physicians in rural community hospitals with UNC Psychiatrists in Chapel Hill, providing behavioral health services to over 750 adults, adolescents, and children. UNC Health’s Enterprise Analytics and Data Sciences team has developed over a dozen AI solutions that are currently in use, while UNC Health Alliance has leveraged analytics and novel interventions to reduce health disparities in hypertension, diabetes management, and colorectal cancer screening.

UNC Health Enterprises has funded 34 Innovation Pilot Awards over the last decade and is investing in new business opportunities, including a recently launched PBM for employers and plans to develop a portfolio of health and wellness apps. UNC Health’s commitment to innovation, technology, and community health is reflected in its many initiatives and achievements.

More About UNC Health
UNC Health is a state entity and an affiliated enterprise of the University of North Carolina system, comprised of 15 hospitals, 19 hospital campuses, and more than 900 clinics along with the clinical patient care programs of the UNC School of Medicine (SOM). It exists to improve the health and well-being of North Carolinians and others we serve and to further the teaching mission of the University of North Carolina SOM. Over the past three years, UNC Health has provided more than $400 million in uncompensated or charity care to the citizens of North Carolina. Our hospitals have received numerous awards and recognition for quality care, patient safety and the overall patient experience.