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KOELIS® MRI Fusion Biopsy System

Recently, as a result of generous funding from the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, the KOELIS® MRI Fusion Biopsy System was brought to UNC by the Prostate Cancer Diagnostic & Treatment Research Program. This all-in-one solution is currently one of the most advanced medical MRI-Ultrasound fusion system for providing accuracy at every step of the prostate cancer patient journey from biopsy and active surveillance to treatment and follow-up.

At the end of April 2022, Dr. Marc Bjurlin performed the first transperineal MRI-Ultrasound fusion prostate biopsies utilizing this new, sophisticated image-guided system.


“This new biopsy approach reduces the risk of infection, reduces risk of procedure-related bleeding, and increases the rate of detecting cancers, particularly in the anterior prostate. Ultimately this will translate into better disease risk stratification with fewer complications for our patients.

“We have no doubt that this technology will allow us to provide quality state-of-the-art care for our prostate cancer patients, while allowing us to concurrently grow our research infrastructure in prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment.”

Marc Bjurlin, DO, MSc, FACOS
Associate Professor of Urology

Marc Bjurlin, DO, MSc,


In addition to reduced risks for patients, this technology improves the ability to accurately sample the target areas, laying the groundwork for future treatment options such as focal therapy.

Focal therapy treatment options allow more precise targeting of cancers, reducing the likelihood for more radical treatment options such as prostatectomy or radiation therapy.

Focal therapy treatment options are expected to expand at UNC with this new technology in place and should continue to improve on patient outcomes and satisfaction.