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Duke and UNC Urology Residents at Urban Axes, Durham

For those unfamiliar with the area, the Duke and UNC urology residency programs are just a short 12-mile drive from one another. This proximity has long fueled sports rivalries between the two Universities.

While they may be “cross-town rivals,” the collegiality between the two urology residency programs is continually being fostered.

Recently, the UNC Urology Residents joined up with fellow future Urologist at Duke for a friendly axe-throwing competition held at downtown Durham’s Urban Axes.

Supported by a helpful guide, and scorekeeper, the Urology Residents from both programs took turns throwing a 1.5 lb. hatchet at wooden bullseye targets in an attempt to score points based on where their axe stuck.

While cheering on each other, there was also ample opportunity to share experiences and insights from their journeys in the hospitals at UNC and Duke.

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“Even though urologic skills may not translate to axe throwing, we still had a great time!”

Hannah Kay, MD
PGY2 UNC Urology