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UNC Urology is proud to be partnering with MUSIC to extend their innovative, physician-led quality improvement program beyond the state of Michigan as part of a pilot program coined – “Outdoor MUSIC.”

UNC Urology is the first practice outside of the state of Michigan to collaborate with MUSIC with hopes of solidifying a sustainable model of collaborative learning and improvement.

Outdoor MUSIC will focus on supporting new methodologies of data collection, reporting, and reproduction – laying the groundwork for faster, smoother collaboration on quality of care initiatives for urology practices in the future.

“Partnering in Outdoor MUSIC provides UNC Urology with an incredible opportunity to exchange ideas with a national leader in urologic quality and accelerate efforts to scale learning collaboratives to North Carolina and beyond. We are excited to get started, beginning with new initiatives in prostate cancer care for 2022.”

Hung-Jui (Ray) Tan, MD, MSHPM
Urologic Oncology Fellowship Program Director
Assistant Professor of Urology



The Michigan Urological Surgery Improvement Collaborative (MUSIC), is a physician-led quality improvement collaborative established in 2011.

Comprised of a consortium of urology practices (academic, private practice, community) from across the state of Michigan, MUSIC evaluates and improves the quality and cost-efficiency of urologic care with the overarching goal of “Making Michigan #1 for Urologic Care.”

MUSIC’s prostate-related quality improvement initiatives include improving the standard of care for men with newly diagnosed prostate cancer – including the enhancement of treatment decisions.

In 2016, MUSIC expanded its scope of work to kidney stone surgery and in 2017 to small renal mass. MUSIC aims to reduce operative complications from kidney stone surgery, particularly those resulting in costly ED visits and hospitalizations, as well as examine and improve the quality of care provided to patients with small renal mass diagnoses.

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