Research Projects

Several investigations by PEARLS’ researchers are studying the development of infants and young children with typical development and with boy bubblesdevelopmental disabilities including autism. These include the Sensory Experiences Project, Infant Attention studies, and Predicting Useful Speech in Children with Autism.

Our deepening understanding of early development is being applied to the challenge of identifying young toddlers who are at risk for autism and other developmental disabilities in the Development of the First Year Inventory. The PEARLS team is currently gaining perspectives of physicians, nurses, and parents related to autism screening in Medical Provider and Parent Focus Groups on Autism Screening.  We are also currently developing a survey of Developmental and Autism Screening: Current Practices by Medical Professionals in North Carolina.  The PEARLS team also is conducting research to develop effective, evidence-based interventions for young children at risk for, or with diagnoses of autism and related developmental disabilities as part of the Early Development Project, the Joint Attention and Symbolic Play Project, and Advancing Social-Communication and Play.

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New Findings published by PEARLS researchers Questionnaire completed by parents may help identify 1-year-olds at risk for autism

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