Mission and Goals

The mission of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) Physician Assistant (PA) program is to promote high-quality, accessible, patient-centered health care for the people of North Carolina and the nation through excellence in education, scholarship, and clinical service. The UNC PA program is committed to the health care and workforce needs of North Carolinians and will use an inter-professional approach to prepare skilled and compassionate health care practitioners across the continuum of life.


  1. To produce didactically and clinically competent and contextually sensitive Physician Assistants by providing an educational environment that fosters learning and prepares students for a range of clinical practice settings.
  2. To prepare generalist PA students for practice settings in rural or urban medically underserved areas through emphasis on health promotion, disease prevention, cultural competency, and primary care.
  3. To develop and promote an interdisciplinary orientation to health care delivery.
  4. To provide educational and training opportunities for non-traditional students, with attention to all veterans especially those who have served in medical military settings such as the special forces medics, for careers in medically underserved areas.