Enrichment Program

CGIBD Enrichment Program

Bioinformatics Building

Visiting Professors

Each year the CGIBD invites scholars to visit the campus and meet with members and associates. The purpose of these visits is to provide the opportunity to hear scientific talks by national leaders, to develop new research initiatives and to showcase the center. In addition to formal presentations, the visiting professors meet with faculty and fellows.

Annual Retreat

The CGIBD has held annual retreats for its members since 1995. The goal of the retreat is to provide a vehicle for center members and associates to discuss science in a relaxed atmosphere. A poster session provides an opportunity for students and fellows to present their research. A prize is given to the best poster. Members of the Scientific Review Committee lead a discussion about academic skills including promotion, publication and funding for junior faculty and fellows. The location and decompressed schedule provides an opportunity for members to exchange ideas, establish new collaborations and hear about exciting scientific developments.

Weekly Research Seminar

In the 1992-93 year, the center introduced another new element to the Enrichment Program: weekly research conferences. Center members, UNC faculty, and visiting professors present their research at these seminars. A listing of speakers and topics can be found by clicking the link for CGIBD News and Events.

Research Competition for Undergraduate, Graduate, and Postdoctoral Fellows

Each fall the Center conducts a research competition. Two senior scientists judge the competition – one from a basic science department and one from a clinical department. Any undergraduate, graduate or postdoctoral fellow working in the lab of a CGIBD member is eligible to participate. The winner is awarded a travel scholarship to attend a national meeting. The other participants are given a book allowance.  Participants may submit their abstracts here.

Preparatory Seminar

In April of each year a preparatory seminar provides an opportunity to present scientific talks that will be presented at Digestive Disease Week, the meeting attended by the largest number of center members. There are several goals of the seminar: 1) to provide detailed critique of the scientific content and the presentation technique of the speaker. 2) to give the presenter an opportunity to practice answering questions similar to those that might be posed at the meeting. 3) to provide a chance for people who were not planning to attend DDW with a chance to hear the scientific talks.