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The Center for Gastrointestinal Biology and Disease (CGIBD) is a collaborative GI research center at UNC Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University originally established in 1983.

The mission of the CGIBD is to promote and enhance multidisciplinary research to reduce the burden of digestive diseases.

The Center achieves this mission through the following:

  1. Core facilities that provide new technologies, expertise, training, technical assistance, laboratory animals, biostatistical and clinical research support.
  2. A pilot/feasibility program that provides startup funds to promising investigators.
  3. A scientific enrichment program consisting of seminars, special lectures, workshops and competitions for trainees that improve the intellectual climate for gastrointestinal biological research.
  4. A professional development and training program that fosters the careers of junior faculty and trainees.

The overarching theme for the Center is Homeostasis, Injury and Repair, a theme that encompasses the wide range of digestive disease research conducted by the membership. Within the theme, members cluster into three areas of research focus: microbiome, clinical/translational research, regenerative medicine/repair.

Please reference our NIH funding number – P30 DK034987 – in any publications supported by our center cores.

For additional help or information about the center please contact us directly